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Yuin Cultural heritage Trail
February 28, 2017

Songlines: The Living Narrative of Our Nation

Welcome to a new edition of OurMob, the online newsletter and website for the Land Rights Network.

This month we traverse some of the intricate maps of country, to honour the 2016 NAIDOC theme “Songlines: The Living Narrative of Our Nation”.

Songlines, also known as Dreaming Tracks, crisscross Australia and trace the journeys of Ancestral spirits as they created the lakes, rivers, plants, land formations and living creatures.

In many cases, Land Songlines are mirrored by Sky Songlines, which also allowed our Ancestors to navigate the continent and its waters.

Aboriginal communities are connected through the sharing of Songlines, with each language group responsible for a portion of a particular Songline.

And as we will hear from Awabakal man Ray Kelly, traditional Songline teaching and sharing is also being expanded by digital technology in a new era. His story is here.

We join Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council for their community NAIDOC festivities celebrating Worimi people’s connection to their local waterways and magnificent sand dunes. For the Worimi pictorial and video story, click here.

And a colourful gathering of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from many language groups, at Hyde Park in Sydney. Click here for a look at 2016 NAIDOC in the City.

Every Songline is an integral part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural practices, and OurMob welcomes the opportunity to celebrate these important stories.

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